Ben Miller / Alternative Kindle Fonts

Kindle 3 Keyboard

Tested on firmware 3.2.1 and Kindle Keyboard. The fonts should work fine on any jailbroken Kindle, but I have only tested them on the Kindle 3 Wi-Fi.

I tried to get the Georgia2 fonts from a previous jailbreak to work but I had all sorts of problems with the Kindle locking up and not being able to enter the settings screen, so I decided to edit the font myself. In the process I edited several other fonts. The archive contains bolder, more legible versions of them:

Download Fonts for Kindle

The Fonts

Font Face Style Sample
Bembo Serif Screenshot
Constantia Serif Screenshot
Droid Serif Serif Screenshot
Georgia Serif Screenshot
Georgia2 Serif Screenshot
ITC New Baskerville Serif Screenshot
Linux Biolinum Sans-serif Screenshot
Linux Libertine Serif Screenshot
Miller Serif Screenshot
Minion Pro Serif Screenshot
Palatino Serif Screenshot
Times New Roman Serif Screenshot


  1. Your jailbroken Kindle 3 Keyboard: follow the steps found here to jailbreak.
  2. The font hack: follow the steps found here to install it (there are a bunch of other useful hacks on that page worth checking out as well)
Install the fonts
  1. Plug your Kindle into the USB port if it isn't already
  2. Expand the fonts.tar archive
  3. Copy all the .ttf files from the folder of the font you'd like (the files are named: Serif_Regular.ttf, Serif_Italic.ttf, Serif_Bold.ttf, Serif_BoldItalic.ttf)
  4. Paste them into K:\linkfonts\fonts\ (where K:\ is your Kindle)
  5. Eject your Kindle and go to MENU > Settings. Once in the settings menu click MENU > Restart Kindle
  6. Once your Kindle has rebooted it will have the new font

For help please consult the Mobile Read thread.