Ben Miller / Core i5-750 Overclock


Use the following information at your own risk: what worked for me may not work for you.

System specs


Stressed for 5+ hours with Prime95 (Blend) and approximately 20 minutes with IntelBurnTest (Maximum)


* I still had to manually change the cycle time to 2T (BIOS defaults to 3T for some reason)



At 3.8GHz my system runs stable, but of course a little hotter. Here are the voltages I used:

All other settings are the same as the ones I used in the 3.2GHz overclock (above).


Useful software

1 Prime95 and IntelBurnTest are torture test applications. At first I only used Prime95, but upon discovering IntelBurnTest I've been using it more because its tests are a lot faster (it also appears to be better at testing RAM). You can't go wrong here: use one, use the other, or use both!

2 You don't need RealTemp if you're using CoreTemp--the two programs have minor differences, though I think RealTemp is the nicer looking of the pair.